I believe that the purpose of rationality, or form, is to safeguard the irrational urges of every human, and so explore my own psyche by expressing spontaneous physical and linguistic impulses, which then become chiseled into some structure so as to create an oeuvre which maps my itinerant desires. My practice investigates the stifled compulsions that create violent glitches in a person or nation state. As a Lebanese immigrant to the United States, my body acts as a synecdoche for a modern geopolitical condition, one which has experienced compounded war, negotiation, treaties, trauma, and clashing cultural values, and which now must synthesize this experience to heal. My hybrid cultural identity translates itself into a interdisciplinary art practice. My works play around with notions of embodied value systems. I have performed at such locations as Hauser, Schimmel, & Wirth in LA,Stadslimeit in Antwerp, Cambridge University, and the Getty Museum. I have also published poems in over a dozen journals such as F.R. David, and exhibited video and paper works at Rodeo Gallery, London, and Dead Ends, NYC. ~ As well as writing and making art, I produce independent film and artworks and children's television, and organize events

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