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Rogue Iniki Productions

Rogue Iniki Productions was founded in 2016 by producer Nour Mobarak to make most vivid and real the lucid visions of the artists she respects. Click above to see more. 

Personal Works

Cultural Capital Cooperative Object #2

by Nikita Gale, Candice Lin, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Nour Mobarak, Blaine O'Neill, and Patrick Staff 

excerpt document of video installation at LA><ART on 11.6.2016 here

Still from Ibi in Rauma, 8-part television series filmed in Finland starring Ibi Love. Made for cable access, co-directed by Nour Mobarak and Benjamin Crotty. It continues to show on Portland Community Media, and screened for one month at Borderland Streetview Gallery in Chelsea, NYC, where it could be watched by passerby on the street.  

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Still from Egypt Trailer, 3D video shot in Cairo, Egypt, also co-directed by Benjamin Crotty. 

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Still from What Portland Thinks About Technology at 3 AM - collaboration with Andrew Lampert

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There are over 500 videos, the bulk of which are roughly 10 seconds long. I began to upload these micro videos to create some strange database of hundreds of confusing pieces of video detritus with 2 or 3 views, as a reflection of the kind of curious intimate things I would find wonder in discovering while on the internet. But amongst them are some other video works - experimentations in image, movement, sound. This is a very playful area that's been up for over a decade. Watch with candy.

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